Coupon Maintenance (3)

How do I share a coupon or promotion?

To share a coupon or promotion, please visit our Share Coupon page and fill out the form. You
will need to fill out all entries including the deal title, description, store, category and
type. If the submission type is coupon, you will need to provide a coupon code. Otherwise,
please submit the deal as a promotion.

How do I remove a coupon?

The majority of coupons on KT Coupon are shared by our users or volunteers. As most of our
content is user-generated, we do not have full control over what is being shared. We do,
however, value our users and merchants alike and respond to your removal requests as soon as

If you are a user or publisher that would like to remove an individual coupon you deem
inappropriate, erroneous or otherwise, please use the report a problem option for the
individual coupon. If you are a merchant and would like to remove specific coupons, all
coupons or your website from our listing, please contact us.

We try to act upon removal requests immediately, but that is not always possible. Please
allow up to 48 hours for us to process any request.

Why was my coupon submission rejected?

Many coupons are moderated by our moderators. A moderator may refuse to accept submitted
coupons for any number of reason including expired codes, spammy links, etc.

Coupon Usage (2)

How do I use a coupon or redeem an offer?

To use a coupon code, click on the coupon code link to open up site and have the coupon code
copied to your clipboard. At the merchant’s checkout page, paste the coupon code into the
appropriate promo/discount box.

To redeem an offer that does not require a coupon code, simply click on the Click to Redeem
button and the store will open with the promotional offer automatically applied.

Note for mobile users: The coupon code might not be copied to your clipboard through clicking
alone. You may have to type in the coupon code yourself at checkout.

Why won’t this coupon work?

The coupon code might be expired or you have not met the requirement by the merchant. Leave a
comment below the coupon code to let other users know. You are encouraged to down vote a
coupon that is invalid or report it as expired!

Other Questions (2)

How do I become a moderator/staff?

Please visit our career page to learn more about KT Media job openings.

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact us through our feedback form. We try to answer all questions within 3 business

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